IR photo, at left, shows a bearing that was SAVED from damaged, because it was monitored by TIC and the operator alerted PM Techs.  Early action was performed to prevent bearing damage, potential shaft / collateral damage and significant downtime.  Note:  This was the stand-by unit that was started because the identical bearing on the primary unit, not monitored by TIC, failed.

TIC is a bearing monitor that flashes blue as long as the temperature of the bearing is below its setpoint.  Once the bearing temperature exceeds the setpoint, it will flash red.  If the temperature exceeds 10F over the setpoint, the TIC flashes twice, and thrice for 20F above the setpoint, the TIC is simple to use.

TIC runs off a small battery and is designed to last 20 years.

No license is required to install the TIC, which should take 5 minutes.

The photo at the right is the TIC-S (standard unit). 

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Temperature Indicating Captor (TIC)



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Install a TIC in a reservoir of lubrication or hydraulic system.

The photo above shows a TIC on a boiler feedwater pump.  After a few years of faithful monitoring, continuously flashing blue because the lubrication was cool, the TIC started to flash red.  The Operator was alerted and discovered the cooling loop was plugged.  After cleaning out the loop, the pump was put back in service with NO damage and with a planned shutdown!


Install a TIC on the driven bearing side of the motor.

TIC-A is the model with an analog output.  A 2-wire Temperature Transmitter, the TIC-A produces a non-adjustable 0-100C = 4-20mA.

Connect the TIC to your PLC or DCS . 

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  • TIC is inexpensive
  • Installs in 5 minutes
    • Replace Zerk w/ Tee Fitting, thread zerk in to the Tee and thread the compression fitting to the Tee.  Slide the sensor into the Tee fitting, snug tighten the compression fitting cap, mount the TIC or use the magnetic mount option and watch if it flashes blue (cool), red (hot).
  • Bearing is hot, lubrication isn't working
  • Service the bearing before it is damaged and before the shaft is damaged
  • Training for operators:
    • Flashing Blue, Bearing is Cool,
    • Flashing Red - Bad

Install a TIC, keep the zerk by using a Tee fitting.


The #1 Maintenance Solution

TIC-D is the model with a discrete output.  A truly 2-wire dry DC-only output allows up to 24VDC control, at 0.5A.  The discrete output mimics the red LED flashing sequence. 

Connect the TIC to your PLC or DCS or remote annunciator or light.  The TIC-D also allows for dual sensors and reports on the higher temperature sensor.

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